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Raid 2 Nerfed Progression

Grinwell, Sep 21, 11 5:23 PM.
The nerf is pretty bad!!!
Downed all but rag under 2 hours, could have been faster without a few stupid wipes on trash. Figure that ^^ yeah trash.

Where keeping rag for sunday, and it should make this week pretty easy.

Raid 2 Progression

Grinwell, Sep 21, 11 5:17 PM.
Raid 2 - Ripping through Firelands, pre nerf!



Ragnaros defeated!

Tanukicana, Sep 13, 11 4:43 PM.

The bastard had it comin for a long time ;) Grats to all those involved!

Raid 2 - Shannox has been punished!

Grinwell, Aug 16, 11 4:58 PM.

Raid 2 - Bye Bye Shannox
Nice run, progression was clearly visible ^^,
onwards to the next boss.

Staghelm or something...

Kat Murgles, Aug 14, 11 5:17 PM.

Mojo Jojo Down!!!

I don't know about you, but I did not see that coming!
Gratz to Tanuki, getting the first tier token! Sneak!
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